Bathroom Safety

As you and your family age, your bathroom can be one of the most dangerous places in your home. What was once an oasis can become frightening and stressful, leading to slips, falls, and breaks that could leave you with reduced mobility. And if you think this danger is limited to the elderly, you’d be wrong. According to the CDC, most bathtub and shower related injuries occur in people aged 15 to 24.

For those over 85, the group most likely to be injured in the bathroom, most of the injuries occur near the toilet. 31% of injuries in the bathroom are head injuries, which can cause permanent damage.

bathroom safety

Risk For Burns

In addition to the risk of falls, there’s also a risk for burns. Especially in those who are less able to perceive extreme temperatures (such as those with diabetes), those who are being bathed by a caregiver, those with slower reaction times, and children, hot water can be dangerous. Hot water can leave 3rd degree burns in as little as one second at 159F and in fifteen seconds at 133F. For those over 60, these water related burns are fatal 30% of the time. Keeping your water heater set at a lower temperature isn’t an option though, as anything below 150F encourages the growth of dangerous bacteria like legionella. The issue has to be handled at the valve level in your bathroom, but standard bathrooms don’t come with such anti-scald valves.

Let the professionals at CAPS Kitchen and Bath help to make your bathroom safe for you and your family by doing a bathroom remodel. Installing grab bars, walk in tubs, bath/shower chairs, raised toilet seats, textured floors, anti-scald valves, and automatic lighting are all ways that we can help make your bathroom safer in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Our designers and craftsmen will work with you within your budget to make sure that your bathroom is as safe possible. Call CAPS Kitchen and Bath today so we can get started!