Deciding on Kitchen Countertops

As technology progresses, access to options expands and styles change. Kitchen countertops are one area where homeowners have more options and access than ever. But that means more choices to wade through. Here’s a quick guide to helping you pick out which countertop material is right for your family and your home.

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Granite is nothing new, but there’s a reason that it remains the top choice for many choosy homeowners. This is the time-tested and true countertop choice for durability, ease of cleaning, and sustainability. It’s difficult to damage or scratch granite countertops and they only need to be resealed once a decade or so, which is something you can do yourself. They are heat and chemical resistant.

One con of granite is the seams. With any natural stone, you’re working with slabs so there are going to be some seams between the slabs. Another is the price, as this is one of the more expensive options. Though the price varies greatly from one granite option to the next. You are also limited in your color and design options since it’s natural stone. Finally, this type of countertop is very heavy and hard to install yourself.


Laminate countertops have come a long way over the last decade. The biggest pro for laminate is that because it’s not natural stone, there are many more color and style possibilities. The second biggest pro is that it’s the cheapest option (usually, there are some expensive laminate options that are priced higher than cheap granite). With laminate the key is balancing quality, price, and looks. Ordering off the internet, sight unseen, from a company you don’t know or trust might not go too well. With laminate it’s best to do some research about quality or go see your options in person before deciding.


Unlike many other natural stone alternatives, quartz countertops are typically a mix of quartz and resin. This makes them even more durable as it gives them some flexibility so they’re difficult to chip or crack. Seams are also not an issue as with most natural stone. They don’t need to be sealed so they’re very low maintenance. However, direct sunlight will discolor the resin over time.

Whatever countertops you choose, having a professional opinion on the source and quality is a good idea. CAPS Kitchen and Bath Remodel can help you through the process of determining which countertop material is best for your home before installing it so that you can have a beautiful, updated kitchen. Call us today to start your remodel!