Kitchen Remodels and Home Value

Investing in a kitchen remodel is a great way to bring your home up to date, which increases its appeal to future buyers and increases its overall value on the market. A dark, outdated kitchen with an inefficient use of space can be the issue that turns buyers away from your home. Most homebuyers aren’t looking for a project and a nice, modern kitchen can sell a house.

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Better Homes and Gardens reported that kitchen remodels get an average of 52% return on their investments. That means that a kitchen remodel costing $20,000 can increase your home’s value by over $30,000. This means you’ll have more money to spend on the next place you call home. Even if you’re a few years off from selling, investing in a kitchen remodel early so that you can enjoy it for a while can be just as much of a smart investment for you and your family. Starting and ending your day in a bright and fresh space can improve your mood and make cooking a more enjoyable experience.


Quality over quantity is the key with kitchen remodels. Trying to cram pack a kitchen with cheap new cabinetry isn’t going to increase your home’s value. At CAPS Kitchen & Bath we only use quality materials that are tasteful and functional from trusted craftsmen and professionals.

If the sole reason you’re getting a kitchen remodel is to increase your home’s value, it’s good to keep in mind that your personal taste is not always aligned with the average homebuyers. Having someone who designs kitchens regularly can give you insight into what the average person is looking for. Kitchen designers keep up to date on trends through research and experience. This can help keep your kitchen remodel on track for its actual purpose—selling your house.

Can I remodel it myself?

Of course anyone with enough time and determination can remodel a kitchen without a professional. However, keep in mind that the kitchen isn’t like the other rooms in your home. There is more plumbing, electric, and in some cases gas lines to worry about in the kitchen if you’re moving things around. Making sure that any changes you make meet building code safety requirements is essential. And how do you plan to get the new cabinetry, countertops, flooring or appliances to and in the house? If you don’t have a truck you’ll need to rent one or have the items delivered, and it helps to have someone help you carry items into the house and place them correctly. Make sure you do plenty of research and factor these things into your budget and plan before making a decision.

To have a professional kitchen remodel done with quality materials, professional designers, and experienced workers, call CAPS Kitchen & Bath today to get started on your project.